The Lost Children

By: Kyleen McHenry & Tony Gold

The Lost Children is a book series by Kyleen McHenry and Tony Gold.  It is a dark fantasy story that takes place in England & Neverland, near present day.  Marybelle, an orphan, now adult, just lost her job.  Feeling miserable, she decided to go to her favorite place and watch the street fights.  While there, she is stabbed, and wakes up without a mark on her.  Soon after, she is kidnapped and taken to Neverland.  How will she get back home?  Does she even want to?  Why was she taken?  Find out when you read the series.

Book One: Lost Girl

Book Two: Lost Boy

Book Three: Land of the Lost

By donating below, you will be helping us not only publish this book series, but also help with our eventual movie adaption (we are working on the screenplay while making the novels too).  We wish to publish book one around Summer 2023, due to both Tony & I being full time students until then.  Any bit helps.  We are also accepting beta readers (10 for the first book).  Betas will get a free digital copy of the novel once all corrections have been make (up to two weeks before publication).  The form will be posted early March 2022.