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Teah McHenry & I are writing a new RWBY fan ficiton and posting it on Archive of Our Own. This will be the only site it will be on. I have the prologue below and the link to the series if you want ot continue reading it.

Allies & Enemies (Part 1 of Misfortune & Chaos)

Summary: Midnight Amaterasu was used to running away. First from her village, old teammates, and now Salem’s minions. Then an unexpected event caused her to cross paths with Team RWBY, the remaining members of Team JNPR, Oscar Pine, and Qrow Branwen. Will she continue to run? Or does the group have other plans for her?

Prologue: Team TAVD

It wasn’t uncommon for the harsh deserts of Vacuo to bring heavy sand tornadoes through small civilizations. It was for this very reason that most camps had trained fighters, or even huntsmen, to protect them in exchange for food and shelter. A camp in the southern part of the kingdom was protected by Russett Eidolon and his family. As time went on, they named the town after them.

“Sandstorm incoming!” A villager called..

As the sandstorm etched closer, the stragglers hurried into the nearest shelters available to them. Whether it be their own or otherwise, to take cover. The fighters mobilized, making themselves smaller by squinting into the darkness. They peered through the storm, searching for grimm or other dangers that could come with the storm.

Team TAVD, Eidolon’s villages top huntsman-in-training, were back from school for a time. They were determined to keep the settlement safe.

“What’s ye orders, captain?” Vermillion called, somewhat sarcastically, to her team leader.

“Keep the villagers safe and not die!” Titanium shouted over the wind.

“OH, brilliant! Why didn't i think about that?” Vermillion muttered under her breath before shouting at her other teammate, Midnight. “Have I ever mentioned how brilliant this man is?”

“Would you focus?” Denver yelled at the red-haired sass bucket.

“Nope.” Vermillion replied casually as if it was another normal Thursday.

“Grimm!” Midnight called to the others, her hair whacking her in the face as the sandstorm grew closer.

Titanium sigh was audible even over the sand filling the group’s ears, “Please tell me that's not a pack of Beowolfs?”

Denver grinned, “Yup.”

“This should be fun, eh?” Vermillion smirked as she pulled out her whip.

Midnight pulled out her bow, “I swear if I have to clean up any of your bodies, I will find your ghost and scold you so bad you would wish you didn't meet me.”

“Fun.” Denver mumbled as they pulled out their spear. “So, don't die. Can do.”

“Afterwards, we better get some of that crab cake.” Titanium said as he pulled out his twin guns.

As a team, they charged toward the pack of grimm. Titanium stayed further back, giving backup to the girls, who charged straight into the horde. Denver was stationed in the middle.

Vermillion flipped over a small Beowulf, crouching low and swiping at its feat. The creature yowled and Vermillion quickled rolled. She turned, curling her whip, Crimson Sun, around a chagrined Beowulf’s neck. Spinning back around, she used electric dust to power her weapon as it stabbed through the beast’s chest.

Midnight cartwheeled and landed on Denver’s spear, allowing them to launch her into the air. Midnight quickly tried to aim at a grimm. Unfortunately, the sand was making it hard to see. Growling, she maneuvered so she could land back onto the ground. Quickly pulling out an arrow, she ran forward and slashed at a monster with it. Looking around, she realized she was surrounded. Sighing, she crouched low and punched forward.

Denver, after launching Midnight into the air, spun in a circle. They managed to cut through a few monsters. As an alpha approached, they stabbed the spear into the grimm’s face and fired the gun attached to it. Swiftly, they glanced around to search for more grimm. Seeing that Midnight was struggling, they used their semblance when a grimm’s shadow washed over them.

Titanium kept shooting dust infused bullets at the incoming enemy, most of the time hitting the mark with excellent accuracy. As a Beowulf managed to charge without getting hit, Titanium rolled away, landing on his knee, and repeatedly firing into the grimm’s chest. Thinking fast as another wave of grimm rushed towards the huntsmen-in-training, the leader of Team TAVD used his semblance.

Suddenly, time seemed to freeze. Looking closer, however, would reveal time just seemed to slow considerably.

“Oh, joy.” Vermillion’s voice echoed around the battlefield. Titanium’s semblance allowed him and those of whom he had a strong connection to could communicate while time practically stopped. Unfortunately, it only lasted a minute every hour. “What’s up, boss?”

“We’ve got some more company.” answered Titanium.

“How about, no.” Denver sighed. He was partially stuck in the shadows, only his eyes and hair were visible. “Too bad we don't have a semblance which can mask emotions.”

“What kind of traumatic event would need to cause that?” Titanium asked.

“Village raided by grimm?” Midnight suggested.

“Trainwreck caused by grimm.” Vermilion nodded sagely.

“Moving on!” Denver exclaimed, “Can we hurry up? It's kinda awkward being here.”

“Suffer.” Vermillion deadpanned.

“Guys! 12 seconds left! Prepare yourselves and DO NOT DIE!.” Titanium stressed as time sped back up.

As time reset itself, Midnight was struck in the face by a Beowulf. Her head hit the ground hard, blood trickling down a narrow cut where the grimm made contact with her skin on her forehead. “Shit!” She yelled. “That bastard is going to pay!” She pulled back her bowstring, arrow knocked. Aiming, she released the arrow and it hit the Beowulf in between the eyes. She sank down to her knees.

“Midnight!” Titanium sounded near frantic. “Didn’t I just tell you not to die!” He tried to move closer but was stopped by more grimm. “Get up now!”

Midnight wiped away some of the blood from her eyes. “I can’t see right. There is too much blood.” She chuckled. “That grimm got me pretty good, actually.”

Denver emerged from Midnight’s shadow. “I got her boss.” Placing their hand on her shoulder, “can you stand?”

“Yes.” Midnight slowly got to her feet. Then a grimm came closer, claws out. It swung at them both. “Move!” Midnight pushed Denver away. The grimm hit her and she collapsed.

“Ama!” Vermillion screamed.

Denver killed the grimm with their spear. “Don’t worry V, I can carry her back.”

“Don’t touch her!” Vermillion cried, but it was too late.

Denver picked up Midnight and activated his semblance, using the shadow of a nearby grimm he jumped in. They tried to leave the shadow realm, but couldn’t. Their aura was spilling into Midnight. “What is happening?”

Midnight was glowing black. While unconscious, she was draining Denver of their aura, their lifeforce. Her eyes slowly flitted open. “Denver, where are we?” She looked into their face, the whites in their eyes were nearly done, replaced with blackness. “OH MY GOD!” She tried to jump out of his arms, but to no avail.

“” Denver’s plea was barely audible. Their heartbeat slows.

“You have to let go of me. If you don't…” Tears trailed down her face. “If you don’t, you will die.”

“I have to get us out of here first.” Denver’s voice was getting stronger. “Just hold on.”

“Just leave me, save yourself. My sister needs you.” Midnight was near hysteria.

“She needs us both.” Denver opened a portal back to Vacuo. Once they both fell through, they both collapsed, with Midnight still in his arms.

Read the rest at Archive of Our Own


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