Sunday, February 3, 2019


Welcome to my new website.  My name is Kyleen McHnery.  I am an actor, writer, YouTuber and more.  I was born in Stockton, California on March 14th, 1986.  I grew up in different parts of Arizona for more than 15 years.  Now I am currently located in Berwick, Pennsylvania.  I am available for bookings, both union and non-union.  I also have some training in dance, choir, theater, martial arts, etc.  All the info can be found on my resume (via Actors Access).  I hope to connect with you in the future.

Ky's Korner YouTube only:
I am a podcast host for a YouTube channel called Ky's Korner.  On that channel, I post reviews, interviews, clips, and other content.  If you would like to be featured just send me an email and we can get in touch.  Email is listed below.  My welcome video is also posted.

Business Inquiries:

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